Do's & Don'ts of Mobile Banking

Use your smartphone smartly. Secure yourself against mobile banking fraud. While you can bank on the go, make sure you also stay secure while using your smartphone for BNSB Mobile Banking. Bank securely and keep your money safe 24×7 by following a simple list of dos and don’ts.


Use strong passwords to protect your phone. Moreover, use other securing mechanisms if provided by your phone manufacturer. It is recommended to set the maximum number of incorrect password submissions no more than three.

Install trusted mobile security software to protect personal and sensitive personal information.

Register for SMS alerts.

Securely clear all personal/sensitive personal information from your mobile device before discarding it.

Report a lost or stolen phone immediately to your service provider and law enforcement authorities.

Review your account statements frequently to check for any unauthorized transactions.


Don't choose automatic login options

Don't store any login information on your mobile device in the plain text.

Don't install applications from untrustworthy or unauthorized developers/ online App stores

Don't click on links embedded in emails/social networking sites claiming to be from the bank or representing the bank

Never use public Wi-Fi to access mobile banking or any sensitive personal information.

Don't perform transaction while travelling where continuously changing tower range.

Don't save messages from your bank containing passwords or any other credentials.

Don't forget to inform the bank of changes in your mobile number to ensure that SMS notifications are not sent to someone else.

Be careful about the websites you are browsing, if it does not look authentic, do not download anything from it.

Be cautious while accepting offers such as caller tunes or dialer tunes or open/download emails or attachments from known or unknown sources.

Be cautious while using Bluetooth in public places as someone may access your confidential data/information. Moreover, turn off the Bluetooth in your mobile device if not in use.

Don't provide any financial credentials over phone or email. Bank will never ask for it over phone or email.